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Welcome to Andrea-Quanghao-Morten!

Especially in the digital to analogue converter; DAC-End, DAC-End 24, DAC-End-R, Hq reference DAC, DSD-DAC2, DSD-Music server… … has been used indispensable in the system of Hi-end players in Vietnam as well as in the world!

Now, Hq-Audio is proud to announce the latest addition to our level ES9038PRO series with the new Hq-9038 Tube DAC. Under development for over 5 years it’s quite incredible this product is available as a kit, rather it is an exceptional piece of high-end audio that can also be purchased in kit form or as factory assembled.

Thorough, Andrea, Morten Audio have successfully conquered the potential of the ES9038PRO. Hq-Audio has succeeded in creating a full-featured ES9038-TUBE DAC with a DAC player. This is a premium and luxurious gift for your home audio system. We would like to send you this design with the energetic and sweet sound of the Tube!

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This new product line is available as finished products built in-house as high specification versions. We are starting with three of our top of the line products:

Flagship Dac-ES9038PRO Professional Serie

Hq9038 Tube Dac Professional Series.

HQ reference DAC ES9018S Professional Series.

Details here.


Our highest level digital to audio converter the Flagship Dac-ES9038PRO is for the audio connoisseur that demands the ultimate in digital reproduction. With this level of engineering expertise the Flagship Dac-ES9038PRO will rival an ultra high end turntable setup.

Available as Professional Series finished product with additional signature upgrades, in Kit form or factory assembled.


From Italy (and of Vietnamese origin) came another highly attractive DAC offering, in a rather cool and stylish outfit. Based on the ESS ES9018 Sabre chip which is quite popular and could be found in many DACs but of course, the DAC chip is only one part of the whole story, the surrounding circuitry, the power supply and other components are highly important as well. There is some controversy in regard to importance of the DAC chip and many believe there are other things that play a bigger role in the sound of a DAC.


Total digital music solution
  • Music server Raspberry Pi 3
  • DAC es9038Pro The most advanced DAC chip
  • Amanero USB supports DSD512
  • Outputs of 12AU7 or 6DJ8 electronic lamps
  • Semiconductor output is not feedback
  • Sound for 32 Ohm headphones
  • Remote control and many advanced features
  • Direct connection to the li without pre
  • Advanced remote control, multiple options